A brief Introduction

What does the term "ERP" mean?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning software.

What is an ERP?

An ERP is the main computer system upon which a business stores its information.

All of its inventory, its purchase orders, its bills, accounting, and more is stored in this system.

Some well-known ERP brands include SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. Open source ERP's include OpenERP.

Why use an ERP?

Any company above a certain size must maintain its records on a computer.

Frequently, small businesses keep this in a spreadsheet.

However, once a company has grown to a certain size they usually use an ERP.

ERP and Transactional Data Files

An ERP is capable of processing transactional data files which correspond to business transactions.

Transactional data files:

Import into your ERP to create a business transaction.

Export from your ERP to explain a business transaction.

Business transactions include




...and more.

Using an ERP with RunB2B

How an ERP enables your trading

Do I need an ERP to use RunB2B?

Your business information must be stored in a single, stable, computer system.

That computer system must be able process transactional data files (as explained above).

Typically this is done with an ERP.

Custom software could be configured to do the same thing.

Do other companies who use EDI use an ERP?

In almost every case, yes.