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RunB2B Partners with iQubator

SHANGHAI, China - 15 Mar 2012:

Technology incubator firm iQubator and eCommerce start-up RunB2B have announced cooperation to promote the growth of RunB2B operations in China.

A perfect match

The partnership is commended by both parties as a unique convergence of opportunity and potential. Shanghai-based iQubator focuses specifically on developing new eBusiness start-ups in China, and RunB2B is an eCommerce company with an innovative approach. Both firms are based in Shanghai.


iQubator's mission is tend to practical needs - legal, government, accounting, and work environment - so that start-ups can focus on innovation. iQubator also assists in location of new employee and business partners as well as the procurement of venture capital.

iQubator start-ups, dubbed "iQubatees," benefit from collaborative network the organization provides. The iQubator work space is home to multiple start-ups, and entrepreneurs are immersed in an environment of ideas, experiences, and creative problem solving. Startups sometimes form business partnerships with each other, as well as share relevant helpful contacts.

Every successful entrepreneur knows the value of professional networking, and iQubator assists with this as well. The organization holds regular professional networking events throughout the city, and plans for a national entrepreneur conference is underway.


RunB2B is an eCommerce company aiming to changing the entire concept of business-to-business collaboration.

When founder James "Jimbo" Szyszko left Microsoft China in Beijing to start his new enterprise, Shanghai seemed the ideal location. As a Shanghai veteran since 2003, Jimbo was familiar with the strong international community as well as the thriving commerce opportunities in Shanghai. That combined Shanghai's position as a world-class port and center of finance made the city the perfect launching platform.

Locating iQubator lends evidence to this assertion, and iQubator and RunB2B are looking forward to an excellent collaboration.

RunB2B Voted Top Project by Entrepreneurs at Startup Weekend Beijing

BEIJING, China - 16 Jan 2012:

This past Friday the 13th, over 50 of the best and brightest entrepreneurs in China gathered in Beijing for an intense, three-day "Shark Tank" - like experience.

Each invitee was given just two minutes to pitch his or her business idea to his peers, after which entrepreneur teams spent days scrutinizing and improving the top-five voted projects. There pressure for clarity and quality was nigh-tangible, because Sunday night the projects would be brought before a panel of venture capitalist judges for a chance at immediate funding.

The Startup Weekend Beijing event was the first time the RunB2B business concept was announced in public, and the response proved very encouraging . RunB2B was selected the number one idea by entrepreneur vote.

The collaboration phase of the weekend was extremely enlightening. Almost immediately, the RunB2B team realized the difficulty in communicating the nature of their project's technology. In only ten minutes before the judges, they must not only explain the relatively obscure EDI technology, but also their plans to improve upon it.

Guest project coaches visited the projects throughout the weekend, including Fritz Demopolous, co-founder and CEO of Qunar. Fritz is often described as the most successful foreign entrepreneur in China, his company having received US$306 million investment in June, 2011 from China search engine, Baidu.

In the final presentation, only one of the three panel judges were previously familiar with EDI technology. However, the audience response was universally positive and enthusiastic, as the RunB2B team had successfully delivered its message in a very encouraging first public showing.

RunB2B Featured on Entrepreneur panel

SHANGHAI, China - 20 Jan 2011:

RunB2B spoke on a guest panel for the Entrepreneur Group Seminar, sponsored jointly by iTV-Asia, iQubator, and Settling Magazine. Future eBusiness trends in China.

The panel consisted of RunB2B founder Jimbo Szyszko, China Net Cloud COO James Enron, Settling Magazine founder Pedro Godoi, and social networking marketing expert Roberto Bellipanni.

The panel, chaired by iQubator founder Alexander Garbu discussed eBusiness trends in China, changes to China government social media policies, and the ever increasing role of social media in eCommerce.

iTV-Asia is Asia's first independent television network for business executives and provides business news, interviews, and analysis with business leaders of China and Japan.